Ultimate Fragrance Package (2 Haunted Saginaw Candle + 1 S-13 Fragrance)


** Superstition No. 13 ** Unisex Luxury Fragrance by: Steven T. Shippy

Infused with elements of mystery & the unknown, with cleansing notes of sage, and frankincense, and bright citrus bursting through a smoky veil of incense & sandalwood... earthy oak-moss and oceanic authentic ambergris, wrapped in dark florals and natural lavender, spiced with cardamom & sweetened with vanilla & amber accord.

Superstition No.13 - Eau De Parfum... what will it invoke in you?

"Emerging from the vast & dark veil of mystery, and allure... comes a fragrance so incredibly powerful, it should come... with a warning.
For those who aren't afraid to dance with the shadows, in the midst of the night,
for those who seek adventure in the ambient glow of a candles light,
and to all who dare to embrace the unknown,
You have finally found your place… welcome home."
- Steven T. Shippy

Superstition No.13 Eau De Parfum

For him, for her, for all.

Also includes 2 - 10 oz. Haunted Saginaw Candle by Pickwick & Co. Candlemakers

High quality natural soy-wax blend - accords of amber & woods, sage & vanilla, with a fresh cedar & aquatic opening.